Code Downloads

Code for solving the example problems may be downloaded from this page. Four different languages are supported: (1) Matlab/Octave, (2) Fortran 90/95/2xxx (3) C++ and (4) Excel. The Matlab/Octave code has been tested using Octave 4.0.0 running under the Cygwin system. I am told that Octave is very compatible with Matlab provided Octave specific syntax is avoided.  I have tried to write compatible code, but I have no way to check it using a true Matlab system.  If you have trouble with the code, please contact me, The Fortran and C++ code has been tested using the GNU compilers running under Cygwin. Excel 2010 has been used for the spreadsheet code.


The zip files contain code for solving the example problems. The calculations are facilitated with code for calculating points, quadrature weights, derivative operators, etc. which was developed using the methods described in Appendix A.  There is also a test program which demonstrates how to call the various functions and use the results for each of the language systems.  Some utility programs, e.g. linear solver software, are provided to aide in solution of the example problems.