Triumph TR3 and TR4 Parts


I have a lot of TR3 and TR4 parts for sale.  The photos shown here are only a portion of what is available.  At the bottom is a list of other parts, which I will take photos of later.  The photos shows the parts that I would like to sell as individual lots.  I will consider splitting up these lots for the right deal.  I need to get rid of this stuff and will sell for the best offer.


All parts are located in Tulsa, OK.  For questions, contact me.


Click on any photo to see a enlarged version

1. TR3 and early TR4 radiator with electric fan

This radiator was recently recored with a high efficiency core and comes complete with an electric cooling fan.  Also have thermostatic switch to automatically turn it on when needed.

Other Parts

Above is most of the sheet metal that I have, but I have numerous mechanical parts.  Some of them are:

  1. Engine parts- blocks, heads, crankshafts, camshafts, rods, pistons, SU H6 and HS6 carbs and parts, and many other parts

  2. Many original gauges and dash switches for TR3 and TR4

  3. Transmissions- both 3 synchro (TR3) and 4 synchro (TR4)  should be rebuildable (sorry no overdrives)

  4. Rear axles for both TR3 and TR4 apart but complete, either 3.7 or 4.1 gears, one welded diff

  5. Several fenders for TR4, TR4A or TR250

  6. A complete set of 5 true Michelin Redline tires.  Four have bout 15,000 miles of use, purchased just before they ceased to be made.  They are old, but would be perfect for an authentic restoration.


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